Finding Solutions To Your Family Law Issues

Family law matters are serious and no one should have to face important legal matters alone. Issues such as divorce or domestic violence demand an attorney who is sensitive to her clients needs and helps them meet the challenges they face with clear guidance. My law firm, the Schnell Daniels Law Office, represents people across Quincy and Adams County. My firm's practice involves helping people facing difficult family law challenges. I understand Illinois family law and how these laws apply to your unique situation.

I represent clients in all aspects of Family Law and Divorce:

  • Contested child custody, visitation and interstate removal cases
  • Child support for people of all income levels, including the issues of underemployment, deviation from support guidelines, and the support requirements of children with special needs
  • Marital property division, including pension issues and spousal maintenance for both men and women
  • Civil unions and the dissolution of those unions
  • Domestic violence issues, including false allegations of abuse raised in conjunction with a divorce or child custody case
  • Order modifications, including child support and child custody

Helping You Move Forward From Your Divorce On The Best Possible Terms

Divorce is a major chapter in any person's life. In your free initial consultation, we will discuss your concerns, from parenting arrangements to living arrangements to your financial situation. I will help you understand your rights and will work diligently to create effective solutions to child custody, property division, child support and other issues.

If You Are A Victim Of Domestic Violence, I Can Help

Domestic violence threatens the safety and well-being of you and your children. I am committed to helping families live safely, and file orders of protection for people in abusive situations. Your first step is to get a temporary order of protection. Your temporary order of protection will demand that your abuser stay away from you and your children. Your temporary order of protection may also include maintenance, temporary child support and child custody orders as well.

Following the temporary order, the court will set a hearing to decide if a permanent order of protection is necessary. I have significant courtroom experience, and can argue forcefully to the court that you need a permanent order of protection. If the court grants the permanent order of protection, it will be filed with the sheriff and police department. If you need help enforcing the order of protection, I will be ready to assist. I can also connect you to domestic abuse shelters, counseling services and other resources as necessary.

In every family matter, whether you need an order of protection or are getting divorced, I want you to feel in control of your life. I will help you understand your options and work toward creating solutions that fit your life.

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